We distribute our products all over South Africa and surrounding countries. We are based in Pretoria. Our products are of the highest quality and we are sure you will be happy with your purchase. We only stock the best in quality and performance. All products are also used by us, in many cases daily and we know exactly how they work, what they are capable of, what they can do and what they cannot do.
Our products are also tested twice before we send it to you, first by the manufacturer and secondly by us.
In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your purchase or something goes wrong with a product we offer the following 3 types of guarantees:


We are in the business of selling products that customers want and are satisfied with, we cannot imagine taking money from customers and not giving them exactly what we promised and advertise. Therefore, if you are not happy with the product, it can be returned to us for a full product refund within the 7 day satisfaction guarantee period. No refunds will be done after 7 days of purchase.

If products are returned within 7 days, the products must be returned with all packaging and in the same condition as when bought. This means that the items must be in new condition to obtain a full refund.

Returned  items are subject to a 20% restocking fee with no exemptions. Clients are required to get authorization from management before returning any items.

We will only refund the selling price without the shipping costs or installation costs. The return shipping cost is also the responsibility of the buyer.


All our products have a 1 year guarantee. What is meant by this  particular guarantee is that we will either replace or fix products that are not working properly. This one year guarantee does not include refunds of products. NO PRODUCTS ARE REFUNDED AFTER 7 DAYS OF PURCHASE. Products found to be misused or wrongly used cannot be replaced nor repaired. Once we receive an item back ,we will test it first. If the product cannot be repaired, we will immediately send a replacement item. If the product can be repaired,our technical staff will repair the item and we will send it to the client when the repair is completed.


DOA is short for “Dead on Arrival”. All our products are fully tested by our quality check team before shipping or distributing.In the very unlikely case of receiving a DOA product, we will replace the product immediately.

DOA items must be send back to us within 2 days of receiving it. We will test item at our testing lab and if found faulty we will send a new replacement item immediately. Items found to be misused or wrongly used cannot be replaced.

PLEASE TAKE NOTEALL Batteries are NOT covered under the guarantee

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Gauteng Security
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Why Trust Afrishon?

Our Passion: We strive to deliver products and services that best represent our clients needs. 

Value for Money: We go the extra mile to save our client’s costs, by delivering the lowest prices for top quality products

Service Excellence: We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. No matter the size, we treat all our clients with the same level of quality service

Gauteng Security


We stock a huge variety of Alarm Systems and Alarm Accessories

Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

GT10WC-GSM Wireless Alarm System


Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System

Coming Soon

Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

SM32 GSM Wireless Alarm System


Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

EC100 Wireless Alarm System


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