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Afrishon Security is run by a dedicated team who have been working in the security industry for more than 8 years.

We sell various types of alarm systems and CCTV Camera products for home and commercial use depending on the needs of the client. therefore ensuring your safety.

We have small alarms suitable for small areas and big alarms significantly suitable for big homes and offices.

All our clients have to do is make up a package that suits their needs. Our alarm systems are easy to install and set up. Almost 99% of our clients do the installations themselves.

However, if a client prefers to have an installer do the installation, we have trained installers all over the country and can arrange that service for the client. We also sell Electronic components like the popular Arduino Uno board, Arduino Standard Kit and Arduino Monster Kit. We also have various personal security products like Pepper spray guns which one can carry on their person to keep them safe from attackers.

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Some of our Products Include:

  • Wireless Camera Systems
  • Pepper Guns
  • Pepper Spray Alarms
  • Smoke Sensors Alarm System
  • Unit for Armed Response Radios
  • Outdoor Wireless Solar Microwave/IR Sensor
  • PIR Pet Friendly PIR Sensors
  • Wireless Ceiling Sensor
  • Necklace Panic Button
  • Wired Outdoor Beams
  • Wireless Wireless Outdoor guardrail beams
  • Electronic Components
  • Dual Network (GSM and WiFi) Touch Pad Alarm Systems
  • Arduino board and accessories
  • Sherlotronics products
  • Commercial level Alarm System
  • Zone Editing GSM/WiFi Alarm Systems
  • Hikvision CCTV Camera Products
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Cell: 079 966 2182 and 079 168 7807
Email: info@afrishonsecurity.co.za

824 Swemmer Street, Rietfontein, Pretoria 0084

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Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

GT10WC-GSM Wireless Alarm System


Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

GT10W-Shield GSM Wireless Alarm System

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Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

SM32 GSM Wireless Alarm System


Afrishon Wireless Alarm Systems

EC100 Wireless Alarm System


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